Sunday, 26 October 2008

i should

be taking my camera everywhere with me! i'm so annoyed at myself for not doing so. i got to the gig last night and the singer would have been so good to photograph and it wasn't too packed so i could have got to the front. i am such a pest.

it is rather a large camera tho. and if ver i take my compact i get so hateful of it as compacts are a pile of rubbish. ru u u u bish.


this is ont time when me and mikey moo were naughty in edinburgh. we were very naughty in edinburgh.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

someone stole from me

at work i keep a float of £10, it stays in my locker when i'm not at work and silly silly Sooz left her locker key in the locker. I left work at 8.30 on sunday eve and returned at 5on monday. The float was gone. This is the second time this has happened. I'm so disappointed.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

I think i'm being mean to someone for not a good enough reason. Well no, i'm not being mean; i'm indifferent, polite and verging on friendly but it makes me seem mean because they are so desperate to be liked. Another thing i find a total turn off! And if they stopped making such a big deal over it we could both just happily ignore each other unless contact is necessary.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

sooz and the army and the rock and rollers

I ache! I hurt in every muscle in my body! so yesterday i went to an army barracks with school, not it seemed like it was gonna be a day of adventures with a little army spiel thorwn in that i would be able to quite easily ignore. turns out they'd run out of paintballs so instead they drilled us on the marching stuff, in the cold and rain and wind! andy they got fairly annoyed when we really didn't care all that much about it! erm hello you have a bunch on photography students, we're here for fun, noone would dream of dreaming of joining the army, what the fuck do you expect!!!!! bears of very very very little brains. oh and sexist, homophobic idiots! quelle surprise. it's so refreshing when people really do conform to the stereotype.
the afternoon was more fun with team building activities in the woods. tho i really do ache.

i got home and had a little down time then made dinner and went to meet schmem for the gig. Foals are a band that she knows from home so we were on the guestlist and hung out with them afterwards, getting free drinks. I was babysat by one of them while she went for a cigarette and i told him about the army. i'm sure he was rivitted. and then we went and hung out at the tour bus!!! so cool! well actually just dead cold. i had to call a taxi and bail. not too hardcore this week!

and that was yesterday. and today i ache.

Friday, 3 October 2008

boy drama

there is none!! the boy is gone. the start of this week was overflowing with drama drama drama. and now there is none. now there is time to breathe and fresh air to inhale.
im gonna have a lovely friday night in, immersing myself in the pretend drama of rubbish films, sipping slowly on a glass of rather nice white wine and snuggled nice n warm amongst my bedding. delicious, lazy, boring friday night. yay!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

where does all the tax go?

if you are working in the uk illegally and still paying roughly £400 a month in tax where does this tax go? they obviosly don't mind the working until some unkind individual (?) tips them off anf they HAVE to do something about it.


so thats an indication of how my week started. now i'm just exhausted. and i really hope my pictures come out well from this weeks shoots.