Monday, 2 March 2009

another lovely weekend

well it started with work but went steadily uphill!! a nice relaxing evening with honest conversation, wine and chinese takeaway followed by an exhilirating walk (more so for some as a total ass fall into mud will do for you!)a delicious lunch and swit ramble back to the car. then a comedy filled evening thanks to Robin Ince and i ran into one of my best friends from school's mother who i've not seen in an age and she was radiant, in her element. i hope her daughter is the same. quick drink and some music trivia on the way home before bed n snuggles with m'lady smartypants.
this morning i had a lie in before taking some pictures for a competion, got the train, got another train, got another train n hun out with si in durhman, harrassed him into handing his job application form in and bought us dinner. train. bus. home.
round to the girls for some quality tv delights.

now i'm back in my flat with the noisily obnoxious next door on the phone to some poor drama queen. at least i'll be up n out the door 2mora before she rouses and plays radio1 full blast. at least if she played cd's it would be her choice of music. as it is she's only listening to what they decide.
oh god what is that noise??? it sounds like someone sawing wood.... oh and there's the constant dropping of heavy duty scissors.