Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The driving blog that should have been....

It has been on my mind for a while that I should have started to blog again so as to chronicle my learning to drive experience and after passing. Every time I drove for the first few weeks something would happen and I thought 'I should blog that'. Suffice to say it never happened!

Today I drove home from work in the dark and rain. Both are awful but together they make life so much harder! You can't see the markings on the road properly, I worry about my stopping distances, you have to NOT watch the windscreen wipers as they swish, but you have to switch them on, faster, slower, faster again in accordance with the strength and ferocity of the rain.

Also today I gave my friend a lift home from the garage after following him there in separate cars. We have very different driving styles and I have tried to make an agreement with him to appreciate our differences and not give each other grief about it. Neither of us can stick to it. Today, on the wet roads, in his noisy car,  my friend did and excited wheel skid and charged down the road. I laughed and rolled my eyes thinking 'what will the neighbours think?'!! But he is an essential tool and great friend when I am having difficulties with Geoffrey. Thats my car, Geoffrey: GFV.