Thursday, 5 August 2010

bad dream

I was at my parents house and in the garden and there were a lot of people milling around and then they were all rounded up in quite an aggressive manner to the bottom of the garden. I slipped away and went into the house. I looked out of the window and the people were being made to strip and line up in pairs at gunpoint. I tried calling the police but just got garbled messages back on my mobile. I was running around trying to find the house phone and found some people hiding in the spare bedroom. I tried again to call the police again and couldn't hear what they were saying so I just kept repeating my call for help. I heard someone coming up the stairs so I put the phone in a drawer and we all tried to look casual. Someone came in with a girl in a shopping trolley looking really scared and they got a baby out of a purse and gave it to me saying I had to look after it cos the other newborn babies didn't like it and were attacking it!!! They left and I looked out of the window. It looked like people were being baptised in the pond next to the house and then they were all gonna be shot. There were some police around but they seemed to be involved in it. We found some comic cartoon strips that showed the plan to get people into the cult and then kill them.

Then the real police came and arrested my family and they were really sad and siappointed with me and then I was left in this big destroyed house with police tape and rubble everywhere and some of the children from the people in the cult (go knows where the baby has gone by this point). Then I realise I need the cartoon strips as evidence so I go and find this man stealing them from the phone box outside the house where I had put them, I reach into the car and get some of them back as he's driving off. I am allowed to live as the leader of the cult is in love with me. It is JP my illegal immigrant ex boyfriend.

I woke up scared. And a bit angry with my parents.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

and so since then...

well life has calmed down somewhat into a gentle 7day work week!! but that will soon be remedied into a 6day work week. I have little to do in my spare time though so the breathing comes a little easier.
the exhibition and course ending was a total anti-climax even for the non-event i expected it to be! but seeing old friends while in London was great.

I got a job as skipper on an Ark. On this Ark I am aiding the manufacture of jointed animals; so far elephants and hares, learning sage; and plenty of organising. Today I also started planning a photoshoot of said animals. So I started 4weeks ago just doing 1day a week on a voluntary basis and last week I was offered an extra day....AND PAY!!

At the restaurant after an almost meltdown we have hired some new staff and it is my new role there to train them which has meant a payrise and some more responsibility. So work wise I think I'm doing pretty well at the moment.

Once I regulate my hours I shall have a little more room to watch awful movies and tv! Maybe do some things where I can take some pictures!

Monday, 21 June 2010


i'm waiting for life to calm down just a little. I am currently juggling...

my own work for the exhibition in London
organising others to get their work done for the London exhibition
finding a new flatmate
showing potential new flatmates around the house and attempting to entice
looking for jobs, going to AN interview and waiting to hear from it
going to London for the exhibition.

soon there will be a little pause in between my activities. i am looking forward to a gentle breeze.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

it appears I am being enjoyed in Glasgow! or at least read a little.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


i am hungover/still drunk. i want food. i need to go food shopping. i do not want to leave my bed. my typing is bad. i want more sleeep.

Friday, 21 May 2010

summer is here!

smells of warm pavement and growing grasses. birdies singing here n there, tho if i went to cumbria im sure the sound is much more pronounced!
sun warming down to the bones.

yum yum summer

Thursday, 20 May 2010

an intermittent presence

theres a guy who as an intermittent presence in my life. he has just reappeared from the depths of his own life. and he reminds me of all the awful things i was doing last time he was around. luckily that was 2 years ago and while i don't know if my behaviour has really improved it is more honest.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I was on tv last night! on BBC1. I was in the audience of the debate for the north east n cumbria area.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

post birthday blogging

well it started on thursday with a wild night out with Kerri, ummm i remember the start and then taking a very hot boy home and making him hot blackcurrant!! anyway saturday brought the main event starting with a breakfast of massive happy birthday cookie delivered right to my bed by Kerri. got up n showered, talked to mum who is coming over on tuesday which im pretty excited about. shes gonna b on tv (again). did the washing up n put the rubbish out. popped to morrisons and came back just in time for gem, stu and tony arriving. we walked into town cos it was such lovely warm day and pottered around. walked back and me n gem put the lottery on (we did not win!)
and got back to the house to find another best friend of mine in her brand spanking new company car!! a little wine in the front yard and then got ready and taxied our way to the restaurant. the meal was delish, the company was outstanding.
it was the funnest time i've had, and remembered, in a LONG time. so awesome to be surrounded by some of my favourite people in the world. drinks at the cluny and then homeward bound.

after midnight i was berated for my lack of life choice making. but at least they waited til the date rolled over from my birthday!

today me n snic had a nice lie in and croissants for brekkie, with a little more cookie. and then a walk thru the parks of heaton.

the birthday bubble has burst since she left, ive done 2 lots of washing up and cleaned the cooker top! i nearly did the kitchen floor but i think i might leave that for 2mora! can't have all the fun in one evening!

i have been blessed with lots of lovely and thoughtful gifts. this has been one of the best birthdays i've had. i need to thank a lot of people for that. thank you.

Monday, 5 April 2010

soozieP is rutted. in bed watching movies. creating an actual physical rut in this bed. its harder to climb the sides and get out. but i have clothes to mend and rubbish to put out so i guess i'll get there eventually. maybe the sides wouldn't seem so steep if my activities we're to be more exciting!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

after my degree i was so sick of school and feeling like i wasn't working hard enough and my work wasn't good enough and i was so sick of it i was never doing my best. and even before that feeling i was always a little half-arsed about the work anyway.

having 2years out made me really want to be back at school again and now after another 3years studying i'm back to the same old sick of it all feeling. today i've stayed in bed, its now 1pm and i should have been up this morning to shoot, dropped a film off for developing and be in the darkroom by now. instead i just stayed in bed. watched greek. tried to watch one tree hill. and now debating gossip girl. i can always tell when i'm not enjoying life cos i start to escape it with all these silly american teen programs.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

sitting at home on a saturday night the day before valentines!!

but i have a date for tomorrow! well, i have a few dates. more than a few. i have a date with a 9 or more table section in chiquitos! so possibly over 100people.


Tuesday, 19 January 2010


i feel like i've bee very lazy of late. examples....
1)today i came home from school and got in bed to watch the lastest episode of One Tree Hill, than watched some greek, then a shit movie, then had a nap, then more greek
2)yesterday i went nextdoor and watched 3hours of tv, transfixed and very little movement
3)many days i seem to do a lot of sitting in bed watching shit, or monitoring facebook, pretending to do schoolwork. i promised myself i would stop being so sedintary when i got up2 date with greek. only 3episodes to go!! so since xmas i have watched 2 1/2 seasons of greek!!! as well as all the other crap i habitually watch!
4)i ate a LOT of popcorn today and i didnt even like it very much.

these times of laze are interspersed with periods of high energy activities tho, i worked over the weekend, i hoovered today! not quite sure that i'm in a good balance quite yet.... laze is still a majority.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


and so much of it! brilliant brilliant snow. and i went sledging and made a snowman, whose head has stayed on remarkably well despite the melty shrinkage and bad balancing.

awesome snowtimes!