Tuesday, 3 August 2010

and so since then...

well life has calmed down somewhat into a gentle 7day work week!! but that will soon be remedied into a 6day work week. I have little to do in my spare time though so the breathing comes a little easier.
the exhibition and course ending was a total anti-climax even for the non-event i expected it to be! but seeing old friends while in London was great.

I got a job as skipper on an Ark. On this Ark I am aiding the manufacture of jointed animals; so far elephants and hares, learning sage; and plenty of organising. Today I also started planning a photoshoot of said animals. So I started 4weeks ago just doing 1day a week on a voluntary basis and last week I was offered an extra day....AND PAY!!

At the restaurant after an almost meltdown we have hired some new staff and it is my new role there to train them which has meant a payrise and some more responsibility. So work wise I think I'm doing pretty well at the moment.

Once I regulate my hours I shall have a little more room to watch awful movies and tv! Maybe do some things where I can take some pictures!

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