Thursday, 5 August 2010

bad dream

I was at my parents house and in the garden and there were a lot of people milling around and then they were all rounded up in quite an aggressive manner to the bottom of the garden. I slipped away and went into the house. I looked out of the window and the people were being made to strip and line up in pairs at gunpoint. I tried calling the police but just got garbled messages back on my mobile. I was running around trying to find the house phone and found some people hiding in the spare bedroom. I tried again to call the police again and couldn't hear what they were saying so I just kept repeating my call for help. I heard someone coming up the stairs so I put the phone in a drawer and we all tried to look casual. Someone came in with a girl in a shopping trolley looking really scared and they got a baby out of a purse and gave it to me saying I had to look after it cos the other newborn babies didn't like it and were attacking it!!! They left and I looked out of the window. It looked like people were being baptised in the pond next to the house and then they were all gonna be shot. There were some police around but they seemed to be involved in it. We found some comic cartoon strips that showed the plan to get people into the cult and then kill them.

Then the real police came and arrested my family and they were really sad and siappointed with me and then I was left in this big destroyed house with police tape and rubble everywhere and some of the children from the people in the cult (go knows where the baby has gone by this point). Then I realise I need the cartoon strips as evidence so I go and find this man stealing them from the phone box outside the house where I had put them, I reach into the car and get some of them back as he's driving off. I am allowed to live as the leader of the cult is in love with me. It is JP my illegal immigrant ex boyfriend.

I woke up scared. And a bit angry with my parents.

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