Tuesday, 19 January 2010


i feel like i've bee very lazy of late. examples....
1)today i came home from school and got in bed to watch the lastest episode of One Tree Hill, than watched some greek, then a shit movie, then had a nap, then more greek
2)yesterday i went nextdoor and watched 3hours of tv, transfixed and very little movement
3)many days i seem to do a lot of sitting in bed watching shit, or monitoring facebook, pretending to do schoolwork. i promised myself i would stop being so sedintary when i got up2 date with greek. only 3episodes to go!! so since xmas i have watched 2 1/2 seasons of greek!!! as well as all the other crap i habitually watch!
4)i ate a LOT of popcorn today and i didnt even like it very much.

these times of laze are interspersed with periods of high energy activities tho, i worked over the weekend, i hoovered today! not quite sure that i'm in a good balance quite yet.... laze is still a majority.

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