Sunday, 25 April 2010

post birthday blogging

well it started on thursday with a wild night out with Kerri, ummm i remember the start and then taking a very hot boy home and making him hot blackcurrant!! anyway saturday brought the main event starting with a breakfast of massive happy birthday cookie delivered right to my bed by Kerri. got up n showered, talked to mum who is coming over on tuesday which im pretty excited about. shes gonna b on tv (again). did the washing up n put the rubbish out. popped to morrisons and came back just in time for gem, stu and tony arriving. we walked into town cos it was such lovely warm day and pottered around. walked back and me n gem put the lottery on (we did not win!)
and got back to the house to find another best friend of mine in her brand spanking new company car!! a little wine in the front yard and then got ready and taxied our way to the restaurant. the meal was delish, the company was outstanding.
it was the funnest time i've had, and remembered, in a LONG time. so awesome to be surrounded by some of my favourite people in the world. drinks at the cluny and then homeward bound.

after midnight i was berated for my lack of life choice making. but at least they waited til the date rolled over from my birthday!

today me n snic had a nice lie in and croissants for brekkie, with a little more cookie. and then a walk thru the parks of heaton.

the birthday bubble has burst since she left, ive done 2 lots of washing up and cleaned the cooker top! i nearly did the kitchen floor but i think i might leave that for 2mora! can't have all the fun in one evening!

i have been blessed with lots of lovely and thoughtful gifts. this has been one of the best birthdays i've had. i need to thank a lot of people for that. thank you.

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