Thursday, 20 November 2008


On your 18th birthday we were going out in Cockermouth, we were friends but I wasn't one of your group like the rest of you were. Outer circle i'd say. But we all met at your house before hand and you needed a little break from the others so we went upstairs to straighten my hair! i was amazed at the straightness and i asked for some exactly the same for my 18th. a month after yours to the day.

For some reason i decided i really didn't want to go on a sociology trip to some Christian retreat kinda place, I don't remember why but I even spoke to ole Thall' about it. Anyway i was forced to go an was in a foul mood because of it. Until we met Scott and George of course! Oh those accents! I'm sure at some point we swapped as well. I wonder if I ever told you i went to America and surrounded myself with accents as part of my degree. I wonder when the last time we spoke was.

Remembering you with great fondness, these memories are mine and I promise to enjoy them for us both.

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