Tuesday, 23 June 2009

this is where the title goes

i have been wanting to post for a few weeks now and either not got round to it or had typers block when i did and so settled for reading other peoples entries until i really had to do something else.

i went to london this weekend. it was good. fairly chilled after my spectcular
too-drunk-to-wake-up-and-catch-a-bus moment that significantly increased the value of my travel!!
it did make me disappointed in people. let down. an old and extremely dear friend who lives in london failed to meet up with me while i was there. there was plently of warning given for my approach and opportunity for them to make even the slightst of effort. but they did not. i think it is partly my penchant for trashy american teen tv and movies that makes my already over active imagination expect too much from people and situations.

my family is around at the mo, mum n dad brought gran over as a birthday treat for her. i love that i can still swear in my everyday sentences and i only have to speed it up a little for gran to miss the swearing part!!


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