Wednesday, 9 September 2009


it just goes to show i should never mention to lex any of my whims.

i just bought a macbook. and its all his fault. hahaha

so how have i managed to resist getting a cat for all this time and yet suddenly i mention my computers gone a bit weird and i want a macbook and hey presto there's sooz pressing the 'buy' button. and so i have bought a macbook. pretty. no-one must tell my parents cod i think they think i'm fairly good with money.

oh i'm really bad. bad girl. so now i'm gonna take shit-puter over to nextdoor and hope they can medicine him better.

oooh and within the new computer plan is also the selling of my old ibook for parts on ebay and then the dell for newness. and there was already £12.95 in my paypal account so there's a little bit more money to take off the price. ooooh bad. bad girl.

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