Wednesday, 28 October 2009

dead good days

i didn't realise just how awesome the last 2days have been til now. totally brilliant!

went home n hung out with tony, said hello to parents, had a lovely homemade dinner with gem, stu, faye n rose; a drink in the pub with the boys, wine at home with gem.


shopping in carlisle, lunch in the car avec cream scones, nap on the train, profitable work, early release with life to cluny, sneaking in to see 80's matchbox, hanging out with amy, dave n yummy phil, being protected from moshers by yummy (and fairly sweaty) phil, heading home n bumping into dee, made it home to find 3 dvd's from love film

un petit spliff, pj's, pretty in pink, in-bed-cosyness.

la vie est bon!

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