Friday, 28 January 2011

american dreams

I have had 3 bad dreams about my America trip so far he first two were that I got there and realised I had forgotten to bring my camera. Then last night I had a dream that my whole family (including gran) flew over and then my mum, dad and gran left me and Simon to travel around together. I had a real sense of abandonment at that point and we were left with a car that neither of us could drive and nowhere to sleep, though I think now... why didn't we just sleep in the car?! Then the next bad bit was I was on a minibus coming home from the airport with some of my friends from Cumbria who also had been travelling in America and I was trying to tell them about my trip and I couldn't remember ANYTHING to tell them about. I started crying because I couldn't remember anything and didn't have any memories of my trip and then I looked at my emails on my phone and found emails I had sent that showed me some of our activities. The main one that featured in the dream was that we had been to the office and gallery of this website that took two famous people and made pictures of what their kids would look like!!!

I hope I have some funerer things to do when I go for real!

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