Monday, 22 September 2008

epic journey - for Tamas

So i think i can safely blame this all on my brother, Simon cos he is king of the epic adventure-journey.
It's after solfest (3day music/hippy festival in Cumbria), we have slept a night in proper beds, showered, eaten real food and pretty much feeling human again so we decided to travel back to our respective homes together. Dad took us to the station and we set off in good time for the train from Aspatria to Carlisle where we would board another train to Newcastle and part ways there. Our train from Aspatria was a little late but nothing to remarkable. We got settled on the train, bought our tickets and chatted a little. Halfway to the next staion I burst out a load of paniced expletives. I shocked the near-by passengers. I had left my mobile at home. We quickly ran through a list of possible ways to reunite me with my phone but nothing really seemed worth the hassle. As we were considering me getting off at the next station and returning for my phone simon realised he had left his house keys for Durham at home too. There would be no-one in the flat and his girlfriend was moving house that day and not really to be disturbed.

We both disembarked the train, walked past the bemused guard and traipsed to the bus stop. There was not a bus for 40 mins so we went to the pub for a quick drink. On the bus home I rolled a joint which we smoked on the walk from the bus stop to my parents house. On arrival I was so stoned I could barely function and could not even consider walking back to the bus stop. After an amazing cuddle with Mimi SmartyPants, a drink and some crumpets I felt much better though. Luckily dad arrived home at this point and drove us back to the bus stop. We got the bus to Carlisle.

On arrival in Carlisle we could have got off a stop early and walked through town but as we had bags and the like with us we decided to stay on the bus til the main stop, closer to the train station. Bad idea. We got stuck in this huge traffic jam and by the time we made it to the train station we had just missed a train. So off to the pub for another drink! I finally made it home at something ricidulous like 8pm after setting off at 1pm. For Simon it was probably more like 9pm.

The End

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