Saturday, 20 September 2008

i was a naughty girl

and i'm still recovering from the shock of it! you know when it just sneaks up on you in a dull moment and you have an 'oh my god what did i do' moment? they have been visiting me all week.
many people have found it highly amusing and that makes me feel better about it and the hardest question to answer is why don't you just enjoy the memory and put it down to experience? well once i get over the shock i will thank you. or was it good?/was it bad? i don't think it was particularly either. it was just a thing that happened. it has shades of both. the haunting is bad but then sometimes i am able to just smile at my wild stupidity. haha silly girl.


Tomi said...

this comment dont talk to SoozieQ. this is dont speak for you. It is just a little old times magic. I dont speak now you, just for the "innermost You". You must say for your clothes: dont worry, just a short time and after, every gratuitous wave became tranqility, and YOU, whith your clothes, can make sweety peaceful sleep on this little magic :) you just will be free. i dont know hear Soozies rap, but i know hear YOUR rap between the Sozzies word. The clothes just blab out, and i know what want YOU say for me. JUST ONE WORD: MILLstone. :) Thank You, i look it, YOU are alive, just your clothes sleeping.
some years after Soozies clothes will make very good laughing on this blog. Just now we not to faster go in the door.
so, You must say for the Soozie: good dream on the night, and good wake up, i look it: it is a very dark place but the candle is lighting.

If YOU not angry, i come back to Soozies clothes, and reading her blog :) ooo, translate this blog, it is hard work, but we both it is really interesting and lovely-funny. Good nigt for YOU and you :)

Tomi said...

... but we both know, it is really interesting and lovely-funny thing. Good nigt for YOU and you :)

the "perfect" :)))) sentence