Wednesday, 10 September 2008

retarded girl needs new identity to hide from blog

jesus god i am so retarded!!! blogging is so dangerous. i vow to only blog very carefully from now on.

the sun is shining today but it is sstill quite cold. i wore a skirt to go to the dentist but it pissed me off so much i changed back to lovely lovely jeans asap. the end.


trace said...

blogging is indeed dangerous my friend :) t x

Tomi said...

dont worry honey, i dont make perfect translation :))))) but this things i so sorry, i dont look your speaks colour and shadow.

but if you dont want, i dont read your blog.

Tomi said...

and GP knows your feeling? are you a pair?

Tomi said...

anyway i read all pages, finished.
dont say any body. and forget all things. every englis young girl same you? (in the realy life dont touch important things, just kitten or puppy?
your life in one foreign eye little drama.

i newer speak for you, your bloging.

be good angel :)