Tuesday, 6 January 2009

last year these things happened

its only the 6th but it still feels a little too late to be doing this. nevermind.

had a rather wild new year with andrew n jenna

i got together with JP, falling for persistence, good gifting boyfriend but went on so long in the end and it was too hard to get myself out of the mess i made. a good leanring experience.

amazing trip to America, time with Matt in California and my first wedding. (i have finally got the pictures printed and will be putting them in an album at some point)

subjected to the whims of landlord Janet and so moved to Cardigan terrace. lovely lovely times.

got a distinction in the Art foundation and Simon graduated from Durham.

moved accross the road to Heaton rd.

went to Edinburgh with Michael to open the new Chiqiotos restaurant there, great fun, great drama, terrible management!

started a new course, another degree. doing quite well thanku very much!

immigration raided the restaurant and Ju n JP disappeared

long but not so busy run up to xmas at work with varying amounts and skill levels of chefs

one night stand

TRACY CHAPMAN pure amazing transcendtal evening of pleasure for the ears and heart

one night stand

ill at xmas

very enjoyable new year. kissed a boy who lives on the isle of man. silly girl. fun.


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