Monday, 19 January 2009

the way we are is so weird. i feel like we talk about things and sometimes we really don't. and sometimes we talk in the shortest sentences and there is no more to say about things but it was all included with heavy emotion. we were living in the same room and we didn't know each other at all and i really don't know how you felt about me then. to me you were a bit of a wonder. a bit of a worry. i felt like i was a bit of an irritation and a bit of a disappointment.

i love to hear your lyrics. they make me sad. you all make me sad. i was impressed by your hope. i was depressed by you naivety. there was so much energy. you all made the air fizzle. i wonder who you are impressing these days?

4 comments: said...

hm... oh suzan, i fear we late. if you want some thing for me, whit me, you mast say it.

but, in my life have some difficult time (christmas, easter, and when i search new job:)

i dont know how you write this part for me or for other people.

i dont know nothing and i dont understand notthing on the world.

i want some thing, but i cant make it. after the sex, have the most important time. why? because the ego, the body oke and eated, after can borning the spirit, the soul. so after the sex can live the realy personality.

:) so i not shame my self, i think in my head how you sleep on me, in half dream. and i just hear you, how breathe.

it is funny.example the bible say: adam know his wife. and dont say: adam and eva make sexparty. just say they "know" together, and not more.

iam sorry how i cant know you.

my life in chiquito finish, maybe we dont see together again. iam not too happy,

but it is good for you, because after the sex maybe i start speak the realy theology...

so good bye, and i sorry, perry.

if not problem, sometime i will look your blog, and if you want givme your realy blog adress, i say, thank you.

262_soozie_q said...

oh dear. i feel another blogging attempt gone ary surely though this is mot my fault? right?

tmv14 said...

i should be sorrowful

tmv14 said...

i remember one people, who had a mother cat. and its born some kitten. the first was black and white mixed. it wasnt too nice, too clever and it was half heart, but this animal have different eyes. one lightgrey and one blue. And this animal was not too strong and dont like his other cat sister and brother, becaus this cat like better just sit down and play the pc. so it was one not normal cat. example dont like a milk but like make snowman.
In autumn, when this cat was 14 month old arrived one pink limousin and run over across she. this stupid cat dead. where happend this story, lived many more other cat, and all were happy, how this different eye cat dead, and how the limo driver give for the other cat some kitkat, and few mars chocolate.

after this mother cat born more few kitten with different skin color and same eyes, and his seventh child have two blue eyes and black-white color.

so, when this new kitten was 22 month old arrived the pink limo again, and give one milka chocolate for the 7th kitten.

what is the edification?

if you have pink limo dont by to much chocolate, because always be borning many more new cat.
And if you look one, who has different eyes colour, better sell the car, and build one new house.

and what is the true? in the limo have not just chocolate, have one bottle champagne. And you are - my dear SQ - clever, if you know, the fizz is not bad alone, but better whit milka.

hm... stupid story, dont say notthing. :-)