Monday, 26 January 2009

what i did today

i walked down to the quayside and went to the baltic to see what i could see. really grat exhibits on and i had to miss out 2nd floor cos i was running out of time!! so fairly interactive yoko ono exhibit which included wishing trees. the wishes made me feel like crying and i think if i wasn't in a public place i would have wept for the amount of wanting there was.

i added my wish. well i added 3 wishes on one piece and as i was doing it wished my handwriting was more outstnding!! foolish girl.
i also wrote a piece about my mother for the mum wall and took a piece of the sky jigsaw as requested by yoko.
i also then went to coco mo's to book the staff xmas party but it was closed to we're having it at prima pasta instead. well unless anyone has strong objections! and finally went to john lewis to buy the 'awards' for the staff do and popped into zavvi and almost bought some books. bought some naughty sweet snacks from morrissons on the way home. why is it when i'm trying not to eat so much so i can look fabulous in my dress at the xmas party all i can think about and crave is food!!!! and we all know i have no willpower. especially against food. oh dear! well so long as it doesn't all go on my boobs it should be fine!


trace said...

is it not better for it to go on your boobs...? this is what i wish for lol :) t x

262_soozie_q said...

nah cos its a perfect fit round the top, theres a little room round the tummy and theres always breathing in!!!! i will be better, its easier when i'm at work. and i'll be away for the wkend so that should make it easier too!!